An old adage says “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. In media vocabulary, we can rephrase this as “Entertainment is in the eyes of the audience”. Where does entertainment come from – well, media, usually. In 2024 we are bringing entertainment straight to the eyes and ears of our audiences, across all platforms of bTV Media Group – TV, digital and radio.

Through the screen – whether big or small, but always in HD, as well as on the radio airwaves, the audience will enjoy a true sensory celebration, because we are bringing novelty everywhere.

“What does that mean?” – a question many of our partners and advertisers might raise. Well, we will tell you and better than that, we will show you – on the pages you are about to browse.

Storytelling has always been at the heart of bTV Media Group and we like to tell the stories that matter and resonate – through our relentless news coverage, our daily talk shows, reality formats and local productions, or our special exclusive digital content. The shows you are about to watch and follow in 2024 are among the pillars of global media entertainment, brought to you with a local touch and a modern feel.

If you had to name one thing missing from the reality show genre now, what would you think of? We watch how people cook, date, sing, travel, build, survive on TV and much more. The only thing we haven’t seen in a while is dancing – and that is exactly what we are adding in Spring 2024. Stay tuned for what will come to be a celebration of rhythm with the return of one of the most iconic brands on TV and a prime time staple – Dancing Stars.

The show that everyone is talking about – “The Bachelor” is coming with its third consecutive season, a new location, and episodes that promise to get the viewers talking. Once again.

In pursuit of knowledge  the phenomenal “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” will be complemented by “Who Knew?” - another quiz show with inquisitive participants, now spanning throughout even more day parts of our programme.

The joy of “do good, feel good” will get its rightful interpretation with “Home Makeover” – the show that quite literally changes lives and displays a range of socially responsible actions across Bulgaria.
And as Bulgaria is precisely the market we are all in, a number of original shows will focus on the multiple wonders this country has to offer – “I love my country” and “The Taste of Bulgaria” are among some of the titles. Local content is what the viewers want and we respond to that demand adding two original Bulgarian TV series – the new crime drama ALPHA, and a third season of the beloved “Sunny Beach”.

Entertainment, surprise and endless opportunities will unravel even further with the sports and exclusive thematic content that bTV Media Group will broadcast in Spring 2024.

It is a pleasure to work alongside professionals on both ends – bTV Media Group and you, our partners who motivate and inspire us to be modern, urban and focused on our mutual goal – success.

We cannot wait to keep succeeding with you in 2024.

Ralf Bartoleit

CEO bTV Media Group

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