Just two years ago, bTV Media Group set a fresh trend in communicating with the audience of its top formats. By introducing branded AR Instagram filters in the channel of “The Voice of Bulgaria”, we were able to upgrade our brand integration capabilities and secure direct access to our users.

In the second half of 2023, we will provide advertisers with the opportunity to secure their unconventional and attractive presence in some of the hottest and most popular shows and sports events.

Filters allow brands to benefit from an impactful and efficient advertising placement in an attractive media communication environment. In their turn, users can apply the filters in their daily communication with each other or share them. Filters react to the slightest facial expressions, achieving an even more creative result.

There are the following types of AR filters:

- Filters that add various items and textures to the face, the body, or the background;

- Beautifying filters, which can change skin colour, add makeup and glitter, or change a hairstyle;

- Gamification filters, where users join various challenges. They can be shared with other participants to compete in score challenges.

The implementation of this approach in the show’s plot further enriches the communication between brands and audiences. The stronger the presence of the content leitmotif, the more integrated and challenging the filter becomes.

Adding popular people from the media's portfolio to a campaign’s communication mix further enhances interest in a particular filter and ensures efficient connection with the end users.

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