bTV Media Group helps its partners optimize their advertising campaigns and serve the right ads to the right users via Adform’s integrated data management platform. Our clients can benefit from our already established audiences or join us in creating a customised niche target group specifically for their campaign.

For yet another year, we have proved through our clients that we can deliver the relevant advertising messages to the precise users. Reaching the right audience for a particular campaign increases interest in the advertised product or service. Clients can create a customised message for a higher impact on users in the communication process.

DMP audiences help increase the efficiency and security of a commercial brand’s performance.

The first half of 2023 has witnessed a continued trend of clients seeking to attract audiences actively involved in sports. This demographic is closely followed by audiences interested in lifestyle news. The third and growing group is the audience interested in topics dedicated to the family, children, and parenting.

Our selection of audiences is constantly expanding, including groups of viewers interested in astrology, culinary topics, real estate, and podcasts.

DMP audiences give clients freedom, convenience, flexibility, and precision in managing their various campaigns.

Source: Google Campaign Manager 360 and Adform

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