Watch the beloved, exclusive format on screen again with the long-awaited finales of numerous shows.

The fans of top bTV productions will this season once again be able to follow the final episodes’ most thrilling moments via the 360-degree digital livestreams. This unique-in-the-market online form continues to attract new consumers, cementing bWeb’s position as the only Bulgarian media to create and broadcast such a format.

Events unfolding onstage and behind the scenes during the disputed finales will be presented in an even more exciting, dynamic, and interactive way.

The 360º livestreams will follow the successful format of the audience interacting with the popular hosts of the online rubrics “The Voice Backstage“ and “Life Behind the Farm“.

This approach gives the opportunity for additional brand integrations, such as mentions and product positioning of a specific brand live in the 360° livestream.

With the aim of reaching the widest target audience, the livestream of the finales is popularised through a special game. In a 360º video, we extend an interesting challenge towards viewers and fans. It also provides the opportunity of including attractive visual presence for the advertisers.

Practice shows that with the combination of alternative advertising forms – among which are sponsored promo tags and augmented reality with the appropriate 3D objects – we successfully attract the attention of the wider audience. This non-standard approach allows the audience to have fun and at the same time experience the emotions from the finale together with its participants.

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