This season, we will offer our viewers another superior 360° experience. The finale of “Dancing Stars” in the spring will be an exclusive opportunity for our clients to position their brands in Bulgaria’s only project of its kind.

After the grand finales of “The Farm” and “The Voice of Bulgaria” in the autumn, this season we will be able to once again offer an exclusive camera shooting option in 360° and live streaming powered by cutting-edge high technology in the finale of “Dancing Stars.” Using special 3D cut-ins, we will position your product or service in the finales – the most critical competitions in the show. During the live stream, audience interest levels traditionally reach their peak, securing maximum reach for your brand. We also expect high viewer engagement and interaction via comments and reactions during the YouTube stream.

The tutorial videos presenting the 360° activations also provide an exclusive product and service placement opportunity, where we can additionally engage the audience with an unconventional giveaway approach.

You can find references of the 360° Live Stream shooting with activations from the finals of “The Voice of Bulgaria” and “The Farm” here:

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