Have you ever wondered about which factors make a given communication a success? Inductive generalisation will allow us to synthesize three of them – time, space and visualisation. Quality content and quality journalism – which make up over 80% of media content – are united exactly by those three. In the same way a news report needs these three details to report a piece of news, content adds additional value to its message when broadcast at the right time and environment, on the right screen and presented via a memorable visual form. Advertising messages are no exception.

As users in a modern-day, multi-screen world, we consume content at anytime, anywhere and in various formats. Our full-of-messaging day leads to a natural filtration of the information in our consciousness and, respectively, its selective memorisation. How to ensure better visibility and message retention in the users’ mind? Here comes the place of the well positioned advertising, led by time, place and illustration of its own creative visual.

In the interesting times we live in, we continue to see clearly that business sustainability comes namely through advertising even during turbulent times, and the main dynamic of the market is focused on the same elements that bTV Media Group emphasizes on – ensuring high-quality video content and building a stable connection with people. Identical to the way a user chooses a brand they trust, the same user selects content as a viewer. Entertainment, quality journalism, laughter, competition, culture – if there is one place where the audience can find it, it is the media brand they trust and is part of their daily lives – bTV Media Group.

With the help of the available cognitive surveys, the power of TV and the advantage of a larger screen have been empirically proven. The TV environment creates memories which are retained sufficiently by the viewer to cause the recollection of the visual image at the most important moment – the one of decision making. When a specific brand is positioned amidst the greatest available attention – namely, that across TV, it is absorbed by the users’ visual and audible memory, thus ensuring its place in the consciousness of the viewer beyond the singular moment of the broadcast.

Emotions propel the success of any campaign. TV gives the opportunity to transmit the advertising message, generating attention, creating an emotional connection with the audience and its affirmation through the opportunity for repetition at various times of the day and maximum scope of the audience.

As we live in a time in which every product and service is one click away, the role of good content and the classic form of TV broadcasting – live, long-awaited and with the accumulation of tension – plays an ever-increasing role. Throughout the industry, the tendencies are becoming clearer when it comes to how the audience selects content, following the principles of preference for powerful local productions that stimulate the diversity of human emotions.

We are what we watch, and bTV Media Group gazes into the future charged with emotion and entertainment, exciting topics and characters; a future that ensures the right place and the right time for brands.

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