bTV Media Group will be preparing special packages according to client requests

Every day can be an occasion for celebration. And every holiday is an occasion to be noticed. Just as people feel uplifted and in organisational delight on special days of the year, so too can we at bTV Media Group create occasions for on-screen euphoria and maximum visibility for brands and their campaigns.

Appropriate occasions for the association of a product with thematically distinct content can be any month. Offering a presence in a thematically curated content across bTV Media Group‘s air and platforms is a long-standing tradition with which the media group is on hand to support its partners on the path to achieving maximum results in their communication framework. With the power of high-quality video content on air, thematic offerings from bTV Media Group's creative teams can provide additional positioning in digital and radio environments in a context geared towards building on brands' messages and the specificity of their products.

Whatever the occasion and whatever your communication, we can turn it into a celebration with innovative advertising solutions that go beyond the advertising break. The sports content we build on with coverage across a variety of disciplines - football, volleyball, basketball, boxing and mixed martial arts, gymnastics, beach volleyball - delivers a dose of fresh choice for the members of every industry. Both holidays and common interests bring people together, which is why we believe in the power of appropriately themed offerings.

Combined with the technological revolution in the on-air and digital space, bTV Media Group upgrades the communication with a visually fulfilling creative reality and a feast for all the senses. Innovative formats, including augmented reality, podcast positioning and 360-degree presence, are just some of the options we have to engage audiences, and the classic choice of alternative advertising forms is one of the most preferred options for expressing creativity.

If there is interest for a specific occasion or celebration, our team is always ready to create a special themed package and assist our partners in their communication, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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