As one of the leaders in the media industry, CME is making active efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. Part of the steps aimed at encouraging sustainable behaviour made in the six countries, where CME operates, include ensuring a sustainable supply chain, the implementation of operating improvements, reduction of energy consumption and waste, and changing the culture of each employee, partner, supplier, and distributor.

bTV has become Bulgaria's first eco-friendly television and pioneered the introduction of green practices or the so-called Green Filming in 2022. Green Filming is based on the principles of sustainability. Its main goals are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, utilize natural resources more efficiently, and protect the environment. These principles are implemented in all the elements and stages of the television production – from the set construction, styling, catering, cleaning, props, transport, and waste management to content and post-production. These practices are certified by albert – an international organisation that, in collaboration with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), has been supporting the environmental sustainability of the television and film industry for more than ten years.

In addition to measuring the production’s carbon footprint, the certification process also includes the construction of a plan to reduce harmful emissions related to the creation of the television programmes.

In the summer of 2022, “The Voice of Bulgaria” became Bulgaria's first eco-friendly, carbon-neutral television show.

“The Nikolaos Tsitiridis Show” became Bulgaria's first television show certified by albert. It was soon followed by “Before Noon”, which launched its own eco-segment called “Green Minutes.”

In early 2023, three more bTV shows were certified – lifestyle show ““COOLt”, public affairs show “120 Minutes”, as well as morning show “This Morning”, which also launched a segment focused on green innovation and environmental news.

In the summer of 2023, the media group finalized the certification process of its culinary show “MasterChef”, following several seasons of persistent efforts to produce zero food waste during the shooting process.

bTV's goal to certify most of its productions continues in 2024, when up to 10 projects are expected to become albert certified. In addition to Before Noon, This Morning, 120 Minutes and CooLt, sustainable practices are being introduced in The Taste of Bulgaria, I Love Bulgaria and several other upcoming bTV projects.

We hope that through our joint efforts we will serve as a role model of a television that is environmentally conscious and inspires action for a cleaner, greener planet.

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