bSTARS is the platform that gathers all the faces of bTV Media Group in one place, presenting creative solutions for businesses to associate with the most popular personalities, skilfully weaving in naturally their public image, interests, hobbies and skills to the specifics of the client and their brand.

The star-studded bSTARS portfolio includes many talented actors, internationally renowned chefs, favourite Bulgarian sportspeople and some of the nation’s most experienced TV and radio hosts. Their high-level professionalism makes them especially appropriate and common choice for moderators of corporate events, conferences and new product line launches.

Since the fall season of 2022, favorite Bulgarian sports hosts also appear in the bSTARS starry sky. The extremely positive and smiling Gergana Guncheva and Ilia Iliev started their partnership with bTV Media Group, which provides our partners the opportunity to create collaborations with them in their advertising campaigns and reach effective results in a wider sphere of activities.

For the rising stars from the premium reality formats The Voice, Bulgaria’s Got Talent, The Farm, The Bachelor, Dancing stars and Home Makeover, as well as the actors from bTV Media Group’s Bulgarian series, the bSTARS platform provides the opportunity to find partners based on their interests, while for businesses it gives the chance to collaborate with the most popular and current new faces.

Part of the bSTARS portfolio are also the most experienced hosts in Bulgaria, who with their vast experience, quick reactions and foreign language knowledge are the most appropriate choice to moderate corporate and gala events, conferences, product launches, PR events, etc.

Thanks to bTV Media Group’s multi-platform world, bSTARS provides the opportunity for sophisticated partnerships with popular personalities across a diverse mix of communication channels – TV, web, social media, radio, offline activities.

Apart from integrating the faces of bSTARS into advertising campaigns, the platform allows the realisation of influencer communication through our partners’ channels – they can reach the wide audience of every one of the stars via their personal social media channels.

The bSTARS portfolio does not stop expanding, which provides more and more brands from different business sectors with the opportunity to find the correct partners to deliver success in their upcoming campaigns and fulfil or even overachieve their set targets.

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