In the era of technology, smart design, the metaverse, and an innovation-oriented market, the opportunity to secure brand presence in a safe, progressive, and technologically advanced environment is a significant advantage.

As a result of the continuous efforts of its creative and sales teams, bTV Media Group delivers memorable visual integrations, using the latest technologies and applying creative ideas for personalised brand communication.

In 2021, we officially launched boost – our brand for the unconventional individual approach in the multiplatform universe of content. Consisting of TV, radio, and digital experts, our team successfully demonstrates the ways that brand presence can go beyond the commercial break through the application of bold solutions which nobody has attempted before. And those are precisely the solutions that work.

For years, those very same teams have been paving the way towards a technological revolution on TV, while bTV air has always embraced innovation and the pursuit of diverse content. bTV Media Group is the media that first introduced alternative advertising forms on the Bulgarian market in 2009. Since then, we are constantly growing and evolving by offering more and more innovative advertising solutions to our partners. The application of the latest AR technology as a medium for visual brand communication opened up new opportunities to boost audience engagement. Our teams also connect brands with the popular faces of bTV, ensuring contact with authentic fans in an organic environment.

We welcome every idea for an interactive campaign with creative excitement and anticipation and cannot wait to bring it to life. The new, as well as the established beloved titles in the portfolio of bTV Media Group in Spring 2024 are your trusted partners for achieving remarkable visual results.

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