The Idea:

The integration of Medical Dent as a main partner in the content of “The World of Health” aims to introduce the audience to affordable and easy-to-use prevention methods and the latest technologies in the field of oral hygiene and health.


Once a month, topics that are relevant to a big part of the audience of various age groups are discussed in the studio or in the clinic. Because of today’s dynamic lifestyle, people often postpone dealing with their oral health issues. Most serious problems related to oral health are the result of neglecting oral discomforts, which can later cost time, money, and pain.

The main goal of the monthly segment, where Dr. Branimir Kirilov appears as a guest, is to communicate efficient methods of prevention, oral hygiene care, and possibilities to gradually resolve various problems, even serious ones, in a bid to be useful to the audience.

An extremely valuable element of this collaboration is the way the show host Dr. Nedelya Shtonova and her guest combine scientific facts and jargon with easy-to-understand examples from our daily lives. The information is much easier to assimilate and the message related to dental health is much clearer for the broad audience of “The World of Health”.

CLIENT: Medical Dent Dental Center

BRAND: Medical Dent

SEASON: Spring/Fall 2023


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