Dessi Stoyanova, Kristina Gazieva, and Nikolaos Tsitiridis take on creative roles to boost their partners’ messages

You can always change the world and see the real impact of your actions, as long as you have loyal followers who are inspired by your example.

This is what the opinion leaders in bTV Media Group’ s portfolio – bSTARS, strive to achieve, engaging the attention of their large audience.

Early on in the summer, radiant host Dessi Stoyanova, Kristina Gazieva, the reporter who changes lives, and Nikolaos Tsitiridis, the host who keeps making us smile, joined several campaigns, each with its own message and cause.

The Echo of Nature

The host of “Before Noon” traditionally enjoys supporting meaningful projects; that’s why she decided to turn her followers’ attention to the fragile state of nature. In her personal social network channels, she posted a call to support the European Commission’s #climateconnect campaign challenging people to change the way we consume, dispose of waste, and travel. If we all join in the effort, the harmful emissions generated by consumers can be reduced by 40%-70% by 2050, according to the latest UN climate change report.

Kristina Gazieva and the Road to Success

bTV journalist Kristina Gazieva became a motivational speaker at Bulgaria's first National Young Leaders Conference, organised by the Bulgaria Without Borders Foundation. The participants – fourth-to-eighth graders from Bulgaria and abroad with high achievements and outstanding leadership potential, met bTV's reporter to hear her success story and find out more about the journalist’s work and the principles they need to uphold on a daily basis.

Corporate Spirit with a Comic Twist by Nikolaos

Boosting team spirit is always easier with good humour and genuine laughter. This is why Yettel chose late night show host Nikolaos Tsitiridis as the host of its own internal open-air event, bringing together 600+ employees at the Yunak Stadium in the Borisova Gradina park. The telecommunication company’s employees enjoyed dozens of activities and games to the sounds of top-quality live music and curated sets, as well as delicious food and drinks. Summer corners and beach bars were arranged specifically for this purpose in the cool shade of the park’s trees.

bSTAR's faces are always ready to take on creative roles, contributing to brand missions. Because there is always sense and a way to achieve your objectives. Our team will be happy to guide you.

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