The Idea:

Тhe product placement of the Nirvana ice creams in Season 7 of the top cooking show MasterChef aimed to distinguish ice cream as the product that lifts us high up into the seventh heaven of taste (palate and heaven in Bulgarian sound very similar - the difference is only one letter - editor's note).


Amid the dynamics of the cooking competition and the show’s genuine atmosphere, we have unfolded the integration by placing a variety of Nirvana ice cream tastes into a dynamic stress test. We have further boosted the emotional charge of the challenge by including a condition – the lowest-ranked participant would go to eliminations.

With this task, participants had to take the jury and the viewers all the way to Belgium by cooking three waffles with different tastes garnished using different types of Nirvana ice creams and toppings.

This very tasty and sweet challenge came as a complete surprise to some of the hobby chefs.

Nirvana’s varieties of Pralines and Cream, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate and Choco Chips, and Caramel Fudge were positioned in the process of dessert preparation, where they were associated with the recipe of the most delicious Belgian waffles.

The ingredients were one of the key factors in the preparation of the waffle – crispy on the outside and soft and succulent on the inside, while the Nirvana ice creams contributed greatly to achieving a combination of vision, charm, and sweetness – a real joy for the audience’s senses. The ice cream helped create some fascinating and versatile combinations of waffle flavours with a rich and enticing vision, and some of the presentations won the well-deserved attention of the professional jury.

The product placement was implemented through the broadcast of footage including beauty shot visualizations of the product in a specially decorated corner situated at the participants’ sets.

The content integration of the variety of Nirvana ice cream tastes in the captivating culinary battle was a telling example that the product's creamy texture and taste are a significant step in the preparation of desserts that leave people speechless.





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