Shumensko is a 140-year-old brand, considered one of the most stable and consistent over time in terms of beer quality.

In 2021, Shumensko's partnership with MasterChef has given new dimensions and understanding of why Shumensko pairs so well with fine dining and educated consumers about beer and food pairing.

The partnership was implemented on a very large scale, including activities across various communication and sales channels as part of the national consumer promotion of the Shumensko brand.

The project involved a multitude of activities, and at the heart of the campaign we implemented a series of brand integrations across MasterChef, each one surprising the viewer with a creative take on how beer is present at the table and in the kitchen - from making a dish with hops, to a fusion between Bulgarian and Japanese cuisine, to a must-have compliment to the food in the MasterChef restaurant.

The collaboration continued into the digital extension of the cult culinary format and went beyond the media group, into the client's own communication channels. The brand was recognised by MasterChef Bulgaria in special menus distributed across the restaurant network, as well as at points of sale during the national consumer promotion in the Spring season.

In the new season of MasterChef we will build on the partnership with a major multi-platform campaign, including an active presence and new conceptual projects in the culinary format.

Client: Shumensko

Advertising agency: Noble Graphics

Media Agency: Initiative

Period of the campaign: Spring 2021

TV Programme: MasterChef 7

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