Traveling through the small and unknown places in Bulgaria, host Maria Zhekova – photographer, chef, and winner of MasterChef, samples the taste of Bulgarian products.

Logically, our partnership with harmonica started precisely with this project, in which the main focus is the authentic taste of the national cuisine and pure food, produced with attention and care, as well as the people who, through their work and dedication, have preserved this taste over the years.

The integration of the harmonica brand is carried out through elegant packaging visuals, as well as through Maria's authentic narrative of what is important to her and the relationship between taste and the way the products are sourced and produced.

Four dairy products from the brand's portfolio were presented to the viewers' attention. Using these products, Maria created diverse and interesting recipes inspired by her meeting with the housewives from the region she is visiting.

harmonica dairy products are produced entirely from organic milk from grazing animals raised on two family farms, and Maria's story about what she herself values and looks for in the products she cooks with and consumes makes the brand integration an organic part of the show’s content.

As a result of the joint efforts of the media, the producer, and the client, we have successfully implemented the product’s integration. We thank harmonica for trusting bTV to implement the brand's pilot presence on national television.

Client: harmonica

Product: fresh cow's milk, goat's milk cottage cheese, cow's milk cheese

Format/show: "The Taste of Bulgaria" Season

Channel: bTV

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