As part of the group’s social brand “The Good Example”, a special activation dedicated to bTV's “Green Week” campaign – a new initiative promoting responsible and sustainable attitudes towards the environment – was implemented on the websites of bWEB's portfolio – and, with the support of Bosch.

Special Bosch-branded buttons were placed on the home pages of the two websites, leading to a special section featuring multiple green materials. During the week, bWEB website editors created over 50 materials dedicated to green policies, ESG, positive environment protection practices, and more. Clients had the opportunity to exclusively distribute their PR materials, which were published in the section.

The bWEB websites follow the ESG trend on a daily basis, creating materials dedicated to green and social issues. This gives our clients a year-round opportunity to implement their campaigns in the ESG section of the website, to unfold their views, and tell more about their corporate efforts to ensure our common future and protect the environment.

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