To a competition or to a party? The talents in the last season of "The Voice of Bulgaria" asked themselves this during the product integration of Answear. In a special music video (cold opening) before the start of one of the live concerts of the most watched music show of the year, the contestants introduced us to the atmosphere of their preparations for the stage against the background of an elegantly branded interior by Answear.

In the spirit of the festive season, the contestants' outfits were selected in glamorous Hollywood party style and the audience followed their way to the stage, and we positioned Answear through attractive neon signage and masterful visual techniques.

In order to strengthen the client's presence, we supplemented the campaign with alternative forms during an episode of "The Voice of Bulgaria", which also contained a special compliment to the viewers - a promo code for a discount.

If you want us to implement a similar campaign together, through which your brand will stand out with a memorable and organic presence, we will be happy to inspire each other's ideas in the titles in the programs of bTV Media Group.

Client: Answerwear

Agency: Wavemaker

Campaign period: December 2022

Format/show: TV campaign including alternative formats and product placement

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