In 2022, "Zagorka" Brewery celebrated its 120th anniversary. 

As Theodore Zeldin said, “A new vision of the future always needs first of all a new look at the past.” Discovering and understanding our history helps us connect with our roots and create a foundation for a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The main message to viewers of "The Farm - The Bridge of Time" and the concept of the client overlapped.

We launched the brand presence through a special integration - a team award from "Zagorka" - a case of beer for each team. It was a particularly special moment for one of the teams in particular, as it was then that their punishment of several weeks with only access to soft drinks was about to finish. The participants were genuinely happy about the award, which contributed to the positive context in which we placed the brand.

In the announcement from the first brand presence, we wove a key message that "Zagorka" supports and rewards hard work and announced one of the elements of the format through which we were going to continue this line of communication - the award for the "most hardworking farmer" - the winner of the title every week received a branded "Zagorka" holder with three drinks.

A key element for the client's brand presence were the weekly duels – one of the format's most watched moments. We carried out the product integration through a prize for the winning participant. The presenters handed out a holder with 6 bottles of "Zagorka special", and through the announcement during the ceremony, with humor, organically, but also rigorously, we wove in the important messages for the client; The 120th anniversary, the importance of preserving and honoring our roots, but also looking at the future with future generations in mind.

In addition to the overall presence during the season, we also integrated the client's current campaign for the year through digital product placement of the sign from the client's advertising clip - "Here is the Zagorka Bar".

The slogan of the campaign - "the bar is wherever we socialize" corresponded perfectly with the moments in which the winner of the duel is enjoying a prize that he/she won after the weekly duel, consuming it with pleasure and moderation. We positioned the neon sign in appropriate scenes to show togetherness and positive emotions.

We enhanced the presence by broadcasting client cut-ins in the style of the neon sign.

The finale of the format was a key element in which we wanted to position the brand. Here again we provided an organic presence of the client. We implemented it through an appropriately arranged award and verbal integration through the host’s announcement. Each of the six finalists received a box of "Zagorka Jubilee" beer - a product linked to a special cause - the improvement of Stara Zagora to make it an even better place for future generations.

Building a new vision and making progress requires a deep understanding of history and the experience we have gained. The past provides us with lessons and examples to learn from and allows us to evaluate where we have been in order to determine where we want to go.

Brand: Zagorka

Client: Heineken

Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sofia

Media agency: Dentsu Bulgaria

Period: September – December 2022

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