If there is a trend that defines the demand across media, it is entertainment in its purest form.
The audience is eager to embrace the trials and tribulations of each character from the screen – whether fictional or real, and bTV Media Group has it all coming in Spring 2024.

Love, crime, competition, games of knowledge, dancing - the choice abounds, and viewers need not to select only one option. The upcoming season Spring 2024 carries an amplified approach to offer the best of everything across all media platforms and all day parts.

Needless to say, but yes, we will say it – everyone’s absolute guilty pleasure that glues people to the screen and gets them talking about it online after – The Bachelor, is coming with its third season set in a new, but no-less exotic location south from Bulgaria. A young entrepreneur with piercing blue eyes and 26 ladies that hope he will be gazing at only one of them.

When there is love, both the mind and the body dances. And sometimes it can dance with stars. A primetime staple in global reality entertainment, “Dancing Stars” will make a triumphant return to the Bulgarian air, offering a scenery of decorum and refined motion, completed by the presence of beloved celebrities from a range of professional crafts.

Dancing is a way of expressing one’s full happiness, like the happiness that abounds after a win in the lottery or a win in a game of knowledge. “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” will have partners in the genre with not one, but two new titles that will explore the knowledge of participants. Starting from January, “Who knew?” is a weekday comedy quiz show that will air in prime time on bTV. A relaxing mix of fun and knowledge, the show examines the answers to the questions and the competition between the participating teams - with a comic twist. Beloved game show “I love my country” will give the floor to popular Bulgarians for a game of luck and knowledge on a quest to show how much they know about Bulgaria. And with the return of "Home Makeover" we will be witnessing pure kindness on air.

What would prime time be without a taste of adventure and investigation? Spring 2024 will present a brand new TV series for Bulgarian audiences – crime drama ALPHA, which will be bringing storylines with unexpected plot twists. No less surprising will be the character developments in the third season of Sunny Beach.

Delight will come from everywhere – online, on-air and on the radio airwaves. Stay tuned and stay informed for the upcoming premiere content on all platforms of bTV Media Group and bTV Radio Group.

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