bTV's fall season will entertain internet users with their favourite digital formats and exclusive content. The platforms will offer exciting extended episodes, available exclusively online, options to watch TV content from the audience's favourite shows, interactive participation in various shows, as well as special radio segments, supplementing the overall fan experience.


The digital extension of “The Farm” gives the TV show’s fans an opportunity to get to know the participants better, watch unaired materials, and immerse themselves into the atmosphere of life on the farm in the company of Miron Krumov, the main scriptwriter, who shares the most interesting, fun, exciting, dramatic, and difficult moments of the show. Comments, jokes, gripping events, and an ocean of fuming emotions from “The Farm” await all viewers of “Life Behind the Farm” with Miron.


This year, “The Farm” will go beyond the framework of TV air with its traditional radio segment on bTV Radio. In “Bulgarians with Direction”, the radio audience will get to know the incredible stories of successful Bulgarians and will meet some of the most unforgettable participants in the TV format.

By implementing this segment, the radio aims to focus on relevant topics in our society and showcase the inspiring examples of those who have dared to make their dreams come true. Via conversations with guests appearing on “Bulgarians with Direction”, bTV Radio offers its interpretation of the main motives of the most truly Bulgarian reality show, outlining a vision of Bulgaria’s development and business, and ways of improving the quality of life in our country.


The long-awaited digital series “For the Insatiable” / #ЗаНенаситните/ is back on the website of MasterChef. This year once again, the show’s 46 online episodes will give viewers an insight into the cooking secrets of the participants and the judges. Varied episodes, including castings, recipes of the week, appetising videos, and interviews with the finalists and the big winner await online viewers in the fall season. The additional content will further enrich the audience’s culinary knowledge, giving them a chance to find out the secrets behind some of the recipes, witness exciting additional tasks and challenges, building up the images of the jury and the participants, and, naturally, offering an abundance of entertainment.


We’ll once again welcome the fall with radiant host Neya and “MasterZone”, the midday culinary segment of radio N-Joy. The segment takes us through the latest trends in the world of cooking, the hottest restaurants, master-chefs in social networks, healthy diet plans, the best cocktails, and delicious recipes for curious listeners. The radio extension further enriches the experience of the fans of good taste, introducing the audience to renowned professional and hobby chefs and extending the pleasure of TV culinary content.

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