Another season of entertainment variety is upon us! Fall 2023 in bTV Media Group comes with the message of novelty, surprise, fresh talent and multiplatform experience for the users of all bTV platforms.

The beloved and established formats, favorited by the audience – such as “The Farm”, “The Voice of Bulgaria” and “MasterChef” will kick off their anticipated new seasons with fierce casts, new jury members with remarkable portfolio and a competitive edge from all new contestants who want to make their mark with relentless talent, strategic skills and confidence in their passions.

This year “The Voice of Bulgaria” marks its 10th anniversary on the air of bTV and will come back stronger than ever with more surprises in each stage of the format. Audiences will sing their hearts out with the talented contestants in front of the 4 mentors, which this year is joined by two more fan-favorite stars – Mariya Ilieva and Miro, along with Dara and Ivan Lechev. A remarkable 360-livestream awaits the online users on the grand finale.

The long-awaited return of MasterChef with its 8th season is an inspiration for all cooking enthusiasts. The format that sets the trends and standards in the culinary presentation will please the audience with a “new flavour”, served by the fresh new jury of renowned experts consisting of Chef Ilian Kustev, Chef Alexander Taralezhkov and the “chef of chefs” Yavor Sarafov.

The adventure reality show “The Farm” that intertwines tradition with the modern world and whose premise has a proven success in Bulgaria, will open a new page in its history this Fall – with new rules, new types of battles, new types of work and a brand-new vision.

Entertainment in all of its forms is the driver of the upcoming Fall season on bTV, which gives a nod to the emotion from the shared experience on the screen. Each title in our portfolio is a universe of its own, which engages the audience with a long lifecycle that transcends the TV screen and expands into a custom digital extension with exclusive content, as well as radio rubrics that boost the voices of all casts and crews across our content catalog. “For the insatiable”, “Life Behind The Farm” and “The Voice Backstage” are some of the digital projects that our audience is familiar with. In the Fall they come with enriched content and all new surprising elements that not only complement, but also relate in authentic ways to the television episodes, making it a content that the audiences would not want to miss.

If quality content is the destination, emotion is the driving force that pushes it forward. Each title carries with it a certain feeling that our viewers have been drawn to and they keep seeking to recreate with each coming TV season. Whether it is the laughter with Nikolaos Tsitiridis in his “Late Night Show” the exciting topics of “Before Noon” and the weekend morning shows “This Saturday and Sunday”, the moving transformations in “Life Based on A True Story”, the heartfelt experiences of popular celebrities in “Wanted”, the curiosity of building the national culinary map with “The Taste of Bulgaria”, or the travels to lesser known destinations with documentaries such as “No luggage” and “The Unfamiliar” – each title in our weekly programme is an opportunity to inspire the emotional exploration of the audience and a way to associate with their 360-degree experience.

Emotion and knowledge are the immeasurable powers that by no coincidence stand behind “Who wants to be a millionaire” and the daily news and current affairs programme. What is better than to stay informed is to be informed by proven experts – the interlocutors we select as guests in our news coverage. The editorial team with countless awards in Bulgaria, that of bTV News, continues its dedication to the most up-to-date and diverse live coverage, joined byexpert opinions and in favor of the highest informational value for viewers.

We all love surprises and positive emotions - gifts, an unexpected trip, a long-sought visit. Such instances bring euphoria, inspiration, create memories that we keep talking about for a long time. They are a way to break away from the rhythm of familiar everyday life and that is why we welcome them in every possible moment. Quality content is good, exactly because it provokes some form of emotion. Our upcoming Fall titles can only greatly expand the creative performance and scope of advertising solutions in the portfolio of bTV Media Group and provide brands with even higher audience engagement, strong response across social networks and additional success in the points of sale.

We invite you to welcome together the various advertising opportunities across the high-quality media environment of bTV Media Group.

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