bTV Story is the new name of bTV Lady. Under the motto “Emotions to Share”, the new channel already entertains viewers with moving stories and plots of popular series from the movie industry all over the world.

Viewers of the completely revamped channel will enjoy quality and premium premiere programming content and brand-new visual concept and identity. bTV Story's graphic packaging has been developed in full synergy with the visual concepts of the other channels that are part of the group’s portfolio, and it’s in line with the latest trends in the media market.

With its launch, bTV Story captured audiences' attention with nearly 48 hours of premiere titles and productions from around the world and across genres per week. The rich program of the new channel includes world sensations, including the most long-awaited Turkish series, which will be aired simultaneously with their premiere in Turkey, captivating Korean drama shows, hot Latino telenovelas, and intricate European criminal series, which will entertain and bring an array of emotions and good mood to the audience.

The bulk of the channel programme’s high-quality selection comprises favourite modern series, meeting the audience's need for exciting dynamics and ardent expectation of the plot denouement. It also delivers films for the whole family that will distract each member from the daily routine and create more shared moments and attractive lifestyle shows dedicated to modern lifestyle, art, fashion, cooking, etc.

bTV Story retains the position of bTV Lady in the network of cable and satellite operators in Bulgaria.

Some of the top highlights in the new television season include the latest drama starring Kivanc Tatlitug, the biggest star of the Turkish film industry, The Family/Aile, as well as Golden Boy/Yalı Çapkını, the most popular series of 2023, which has become a sensation with its bold plot and breathtaking acting. The saga features some of the most popular Turkish actors, promising to conquer the hearts of the Bulgarian audience. Audience favourite Eda Ece, known to fans of Forbidden Apple/Yasak Elma as glamorous Yıldız, will appear as the antagonist in the premiere series Relationship Status: It’s Complicated/İlişki Durumu: Karışık.

Korean series fans will enjoy the premiere show, Brain Works; meanwhile, turbulent Latino passions will be guaranteed by the Best Telenovela nominee at this year's Emmy Awards, the Brazilian saga Pantanal and total Mexican hit La Madrastra. In the special late primetime on weekends, detective show fans will be able to enjoy the suspense-rich genre classic – Criminal Games.

  2. Golden Boy / Yalı Çapkını
  3. The Family / Aile
  4. Relationship Status: It’s Complicated
  5. Brain Works
  6. Pantanal
  7. La Madrastra
  8. Criminal Games

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