ESG is a new governance standard for all big companies with a responsible mission towards society. This model remains the foundation of bTV Media Group’s sustainable corporate governance in 2023. The processes include reducing the group’s carbon footprint in its daily operations and processing; placing people in the focus of everything the company does and including disadvantaged people; creating responsible content that attracts and retains the broad audience; governance based on the principles of dignity and transparency. These are the main characteristics of ESG – the new model that bTV Media Group is beginning to implement actively in its relationships with all partners and contributors. This year, the media group, as part of the big family of Central European Media Enterprises (CME) and international company PPF Group, will continue to demonstrate its commitment to significant social causes and civil initiatives, which shape its concept of sustainable media and public presence in Bulgaria.

In the long run, bTV Media Group’s ESG strategy is focused on the economic, social, and environmental challenges in a bid to contribute to enhanced public development. The media group will work jointly with its business partners and clients to set a good example, contributing to the positive impact on the environment and setting a new path of development for Bulgaria’s media and marketing industry.

The accountability of every big company to the society is a milestone of corporate social responsibility in terms of sustainable business practices, which is why it is one of the main pillars in each organization’s ESG processes. bTV Media Group’s landmark campaign “Let’s Clean Bulgaria Together” is one of the biggest and most efficient voluntary initiatives in Bulgaria in the field of environment protection. The forthcoming eleventh edition of the initiative will be held under the motto “We are ready” on September 16th, 2023. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers, including a large number of companies and organizations from all over Bulgaria, will once again get together to contribute to a cleaner Bulgaria, where young people can live and develop.

As part of the campaign editions held so far and the trust of over 2.8 million volunteers, nearly 100,000 tons of waste and more than 19,000 landfills all over the country have been cleaned. According to statistics from the international organization Let’s Do It World, every 10 tons of waste cleaned by volunteers save 22 million euros and three years of institutional work.

bTV Media Group’s actions on the road to implementing its ESG strategy go hand in hand with the social brand “The Good Example”, launched more than two years ago. During this period, the platform has managed to create a broad partnership network and a platform to share good deeds supporting young talents, people in need, and protecting Bulgarian nature. bTV Media Group has backed dozens of meaningful campaigns by offering them free communication channels. Some of them include causes of the Bulgarian Red Cross, UNICEF, Junior Achievement, Run2Gether, etc. For the past year, bTV Media Group has supported more than 15 external social cause campaigns. The television’s faces, who are ambassadors of the Good Example initiative, are also personally committed to multiple projects benefiting the society.

In conclusion, bTV Media Group is lending a helping hand to Bulgarian and international business so companies and organizations can jointly develop a more sustainable, balanced, contemporary, and functioning society.

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