This fall, bTV will offer the last season of “Forbidden Fruit”, one of the favourite TV series on the Bulgarian air. In its typical dramedy genre, the hit series will deliver a fresh dose of unpredictable turns of events and funny situations on weeknights.

Awaiting the big finale, viewers will have a chance to experience the new misadventures that Yıldız and Ender will probably face before the favourite story of millions of viewers worldwide reaches its culmination point. The season will also be marked by the return of Zeynep, the main female character in the first two seasons, who has parted ways with her great love Alihan and has moved on with a new man by her side.

Viewers will also witness the turbulent relationship between Yıldız and Doğan, who are taking on a new direction after Çağatay. Will the “Forbidden Fruit” characters enjoy a happy end? We will find out this fall in bTV’s prime time.

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