In the fall TV season, bTV Action will bring a fresh dose of strong emotions to active viewers, offering high-quality titles, established hits, and exclusive sports content. The audience will be able to watch exciting and dynamic plots as part of the sections “Action at Eight” and “Action's Band”, as well as the contested clashes of the most prestigious European football tournaments.

The channel will further expand its selection of high-quality series, adding the premiere of “Fauda”, Netflix’s hottest action series, where a former Israeli agent retires only to embark on a chase after a Palestinian fighter, and the long-awaited TV debut of “Pennyworth”, the prequel series to “Gotham”.

bTV Action will also host the long-awaited return of cult series “Supernatural”, which viewers will recall from its first season.

  2. ACTION AT EIGHT - the latest action series
  3. Fauda
  4. Pennyworth
  5. Supernatural

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