This fall, favourite music show “The Voice of Bulgaria” will mark its 10th anniversary on the air of bTV. Some of Bulgaria's biggest music stars will step in as the new members of the coach team - Mariya Ilieva, DARA, Miro and Ivan Lechev. The anniversary edition of the top-rated show promises even more exciting turns of events and surprises in each of its stages. The blind auditions, the viewers’ favourite stage, will reveal some amazing voices and the touching stories behind them. The dramatic knockouts will be back in the new seasons, and the battles will be tougher than ever. The non-stop steals will allow coaches to grab a participant from a rival team and save more people from their own team.

The 10th season of “The Voice of Bulgaria” will present 13 amazing episodes and two explosive live concerts, right before Christmas. The rivalry between the coaches and the participants will be heated, the battles will be epic, and the victory will go to the best participant! The winner in the reality singing competition will receive a cash prize of BGN 50,000 and the title “The Voice of Bulgaria”. Who will this person be? Viewers will find out this fall on bTV.

The events unfolding behind the big stage will not remain hidden either. Every week, special episodes uploaded on will reveal all the curious things going on outside the TV air. Online fans of bTV's top production will be able to watch the final of their favourite show online via a 360˚ livestream. The most interesting participants and their stories will also be featured in the “Sing, My Heart” segment on radio N-JOY.

“The Voice of Bulgaria”’s YouTube channel has a record number of followers among Bulgarian TV shows, with one of the videos generating a whopping 13 million views.


Source: GARB, Fall season 2022, consolidated data, target 18-49 y.o.

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