“The Farm” is an adventure reality show, which has been hugely successful in Bulgaria. Following its eight exceptionally strong seasons, “The Farm” is one of the country’s largest-scale productions, establishing its firm position as the most constructive and positive show on Bulgarian TV air. “The Farm” explores the topics of closeness to nature, ancient Bulgarian values, traditions, and crafts, motivating viewers to return to their roots.

In the spirit of its credo, “The Farm” will open a new page in its history this fall – new rules, new types of battles, new types of work, and a brand-new vision. In the fall of 2023, “The Farm” will put on a new outfit, but will preserve its heart and soul, which have turned it into the most Bulgarian reality show of all.

Over the years, the show has firmly established its place as the most inspiring TV show, recalling our fundamental values – diligence, unity, and respect for the earth and the traditions, bringing both participants and viewers closer to nature.



Source: GARB, Fall season 2022, consolidated data, target 18-49 y.o.

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