The world-famous format, which has conquered the hearts of the Bulgarian TV audience and has become an absolute phenomenon in the past two years, is back for a new date with the viewers in the spring of 2024. This time, its main character will be businessman Alexander Mladenov – a prosperous young man with a taste for success. He is embarking on yet another big challenge in his life – to find the lady he will share his success with and with whom he will create a family.

Alek will have a chance to get to know the participants in the fairytale atmosphere of a marvellous estate, amid sophisticated luxury and unique nature. His romantic encounters with the candidates for his heart will take viewers to the most inspiring and exotic places on the romantic island of Rhodes in Greece. With its full spectrum of love, emotions, hot passion, strong dynamics, and unexpected turns of events, “The Bachelor” offers alternative product placement forms for advertisers who would like to associate their brand with first-class content.

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