The MasterChef phenomenon is back on the air of bTV. The long-awaited event will happen this fall, when the cooking show will run in the second half of the year for the first time in its history. The undisputed viewers’ favourite show in the genre of culinary TV shows will please the audience with a “new flavour”, served by the new jury of renowned experts consisting of Chef Ilian Kustev, Chef Alexander Taralezhkov and the restaurateur Yavor Sarafov. They have prepared some incredible challenges for the group of hobby chefs, so expect to be pleasantly surprised by their good technical skills, creative solutions, dedication, and passion for food, which can transform the lives of each contestant forever.

In the battle for the big prize of BGN 100,000, participants will enter a fierce competition, and only those of them who manage to prove their talent, strength of character, technique, and imagination will remain. They will undergo strenuous challenges to prove they have what it takes to become part of Bulgaria's culinary history. On their road from amateur to professional cuisine, participants in MasterChef Bulgaria will learn from the best chefs that form the competent jury, in a bid to deserve recognition and respect and leave a mark in the country’s most impressive culinary competition.

MasterChef is back for its eighth season completely overhauled to incite the viewers’ appetite for a tastier life, good food, and time for the small things in life that make us happy. In addition to the TV episodes, the team of bTV Media Group will also continue to run the digital extension “For the Insatiable”, offering additional exclusive footage and recipes.

The format is one of the largest-scale productions in the portfolio of bTV Media Group, certified under the albert standards and following the principles of sustainability and green practices (green filming). These principles cover all the elements and stages of the television production – from the set construction, styling, catering, cleaning, and waste management to content and post production, which we believe will help us encourage sustainable behaviour.


Source: GARB, SPRING season 2021, consolidate data, target 18-49 y.o.

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