bTV's podcasts promise viewers a broad range of intriguing topics, handy tips, and sincere conversations. This season, the renowned hosts will continue to present different viewpoints combined with versatile, useful, and interesting content in the company of exciting new guests.


The Business Video Podcast, one of bTV's latest projects, received an award from the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria (AICB). The specialized format of, it offers viewers discussions dedicated to the most important business topics. Every Tuesday, host Zhivka Popatanasova will introduce the audience to renowned experts in the field of business, politics, state institutions, and show business.


Every Thursday in the podcast, host Petar Bakardzhiev holds sincere and unprejudiced conversations with interesting sports professionals. The guests discuss current topics in the sports field, share their opinions about events, and tell their personal stories, revealing their emotional world filled with victories and losses, records and fame, achieved at the cost of great sacrifice and discipline.


The “Small Talks” on the webpage of immerse ladies – and why not gentlemen too – in fascinating topics related to family, love, art, sports, positive self-esteem, and achieving a better work-life balance. Every Wednesday, the hosts will present the exciting stories of Bulgarian VIPs, speaking openly about the important things in life.


“The Women of Bulgaria” is an exciting series of encounters with successful Bulgarian ladies on the website. Host Zhivka Popatanasova welcomes inspiring and impressive women, who have built successful careers in Bulgaria and abroad, and they speak openly about their lessons, families, business, sacrifices, and emotions. Every Wednesday, one exceptional lady, a leader in her sphere, tells the story of her road to success.

bTV's podcasts are a unique opportunity for advertisers to associate their brand images with high-quality content and a broad range of specific topics. bWEB's podcasts create an array of options to reach versatile profiles and maximum audience overlap for each particular client, implemented via specially designed content.

FIT LADY is a video podcast of targeting mainly the female audience who does sports, tries to live a healthy lifestyle, and to achieve emotional stability. Vanya Visarionova, a coach with many years of experience in working with women, is the author of a digital series dedicated to sports for pregnant women, recovery after birth, and in addition – power training for fathers, restorative exercise for children, and much more.

HEALTHY AND STRONG is a new project dedicated to healthy lifestyle and training programmes. The host, fitness guru Belcho Hristov, presents detailed analyses of topics related to a healthy diet and physical exercise. Every Saturday, the viewers of bTV Sport’s podcast will benefit from useful tips about food and exercise, healthy living, strength, and beauty.

You can also watch and listen to all podcasts that are part of bTV's portfolio on the platforms:

Google, Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud


The ladies’ favourite page in bTV’s portfolio now offers exclusive video content to its female users as part of Ladyzone TV. Viewers will be able to watch three exceptional series on Ladyzone’s internet television:

The “Small Talks” podcast, dedicated to the personal stories of interesting and popular public individuals – their emotions, life stories, lessons, funny experiences, difficult, and happy moments.

“Inside the Bag of...” introduces us to the world of Bulgaria's favourite ladies, who reveal the contents of their bags, offering a sneak peek into the important things they cannot live without, how they deal with their hectic daily lives, how they relax, and what makes them happy.

“My Five in Instagram” is the only video segment in Bulgaria's internet space that focuses on Instagram’s interesting ladies and the stories behind some of our favourite photos published in the social network.

Viewers can “invite” their favourite celebrities in all three series by sending a message to the editorial office.

The platform is also home to interesting videos from bTV's air and the bWEB pages in the field of lifestyle, health, family, love, relationships, interesting personalities, culture, etc.

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