The digital episodes dedicated to “The Bachelor 2” achieved amazing results last season, registering over 50,000 views. The TV episodes attracted over 1.3 million views on the platform, while the reality show got more than 130,000 followers on social networks.

Season 3 of the romantic adventure show will also have its own digital extension with a brand-new concept that promises to be even more interesting than the previous editions, continuing to be a source of information and entertainment for the show’s fans and viewers. Naum Shopov will be the author and host of the digital extension, sharing footage and stories from the amazingly beautiful set with the fans, while following the stories of the participants in the romantic reality.

The special digital episodes will also be streamed on the show's web page and on the platform simultaneously with the TV episodes’ broadcast. Host Naum Shopov will not only open the door to the most interesting moments of the show, but will also offer a first date with the lady that has been sent home during “The Rose Ceremony.” Each of the ladies will share a first-hand account of her emotions and fears, revealing the house’s secrets and her impressions of everything going on there. The 26 digital episodes will take viewers to a special place in the estate and to various other locations, allowing clients to place their products and services organically and implement an unconventional campaign via the show's digital channels.

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