A new and exciting project will soon join the portfolio of bTV Media Group - the only water sports website of its kind in Bulgaria. On this site, internet users will be able to find, besides exciting sailing destinations, information about tour operators, cruises, events, even weather conditions. The bWEB sailing podcast will also be hosted there. The Flotilla project will bring together diving, surfing, yachting, fishing and many other sports and give clients many new special positioning opportunities, both mainstream and high-end and targeted brands.

The so-called “service websites” from bTV Media Group's portfolio are going to have a complete overhaul.
Zodia.bg – the astrology flagman, and dalivali.bg – the reliable weather website, are ready to have a brand-new design and fresh functionalities. They offer daily doses of useful information on two of the topics that Bulgarians watch closely.

Zodia.bg, one of the most popular horoscope websites in Bulgaria, soon will offer much more detailed information about the signs and the Moon cycles, Mercury's impact and other planetary influences, zodiac sign compatibility, and multiple entertainment widgets.
The website will be presented with a brand-new structure, fresh design, and greatly enriched content. Zodia.bg’s redesign has also been inspired by the change in the horoscopes made by Alena, who remains one of the most recognizable experts in astrology.
Dalivali.bg has also will go under a large-scale redesigning process. The website will benefit from a clearer and more intuitive structure and better presented information. The weather forecast will be based on even more accurate, precise, and fast data.
The additional “marine data”, containing precise weather information about seaside cities, particularly Bulgarian and Greek resorts, is going to be a noteworthy accent in the new website structure. Data related to the wave height, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, and more provide additional depth of detail. Our goal is to be as useful as possible for the people who are on holidays or live near the sea coast.

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