Dive into the magic with the exclusive digital content of bTV's newest dance show!

For the most curious and loyal fans of the show, the outlet will broadcast online episodes with unaired footage and events! Viewers will be able to follow the emotions and efforts of the stars behind the scenes, and once a week we will publish the top 10 funniest scenes in a special "paparazzi" gallery.

To make the experience complete for the fans, a star selected from the local influencers will host the series. The star will keep a close eye on how the contestants of the show rehearse for their weekly challenge and won't miss a single detail around them. The star will motivate and inspire them together with their coaches, and will present the fans with interesting challenges.

The series gives our clients the opportunity to associate their brand with one of the most successful formats on the global TV scene. Through product placement, creative branding, weekly polls, polls and augmented reality filters, we will reach the loyal audience and create a premium presence for any brand that chooses to associate with the segment.

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