In the spring of 2024, bTV's websites will offer their users new and exciting digital extensions. The television's top formats will be supplemented with exclusive online content. In addition to the brand-new digital extension concept of “The Bachelor”, viewers will also have the chance to enjoy the digital backstage episodes of “Dancing Stars”, the interactive game of “I Love My Country”, and the special content of “Home Makeover” featuring useful home improvement tips and tricks.

The online episodes of “Dancing Stars” will give viewers the opportunity to take a backstage peek at the show and enjoy some fun and exciting moments. “I Love My Country” will challenge online users to “play the game” simultaneously with the players on the air. A special QR code will allow them to answer the same questions as the participants in the show. The new builder brigade leader in “Home Makeover” will share their DIY tips and tricks in special short videos.

All digital episodes will be available on, with selected content also published on the media's social pages.

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