The bTV News brand is synonymous with high-quality journalism. For 23 years now, with its established professionalism and innovative technical solutions, the daily newscasts have been presenting all viewpoints on the hottest events in Bulgaria.

In the fall of 2023, bTV's newsroom will continue to keep its finger on the pulse of the most important and most interesting developments in the country, empowering the viewers by keeping them informed. An unbiased outlook, up-to-date information, and versatility form the foundation of bTV News – seven newscasts every weekday and six newscasts on Saturdays and Sundays. Amid the unprecedented political, economic, and social crisis our society is facing, reliable and timely information is critical. For yet another year, bTV justifies its viewers’ trust of receiving the unbiased picture.

Breaking newscasts, special studios, and election marathons are all part of bTV News’ distinctive features. The television provided a 17+-hour objective and unbiased coverage of the early parliamentary vote on April 2nd, 2023, including hourly newscasts throughout the day, which was appreciated by the viewers and reflected in the rating performance.

Politics, significant social and consumer topics, curious reporter stories, little-known problems, and information about global events and processes are covered based on the highest journalistic standards combined with live broadcasts from the spot of the event. bTV News is always where the action takes place, not only covering, but also creating news presented by the most renowned, respected, and multi-awarded journalists in Bulgaria. The conversation in the end of the central newscast is an integral part of it, where anchors meet experts to discuss the main topic of the day.

In modern journalism, technologies are an integral part of the visual presentation of facts, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

bTV News is no longer just a television product, because the newsrooms team of over 100 professionals works for the media's various channels to provide viewers with fast and reliable information. The news is wherever the users need it – on bTV radio, on the overhauled website and its mobile app, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik-Tok, as well as on bTV’s own Viber channel. These platforms are home to the most important and curious content.

Viewers can be part of the content creation process via the “I, the Reporter” mobile app, the civil journalism platform that is the natural continuation of the familiar viewer signal segment.


Source: GARB, Fall season 2022, central newscast, consolidated data, target 18-49 y.o.

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