WNESS TV is the first TV channel in Bulgaria focussed on wellness and a balanced, healthy way of life. With its messaging “Open Your Eyes To A Better Life,” Wness TV creates and offers authentic and positive content for viewers with a focus on modern healthy habits and needs, a proper diet and practical sports activities. Shows about beauty and aesthetic procedures, yoga, aerobics, Pilates, fitness, functional training activities with proven trainers like Sammy Hossny, discussions on psychology, relationships, advice for future parents, as well as comedy shows with the incomparable Kamen Donev, make Wness TV an exciting source of polythematic video content.

The highlights of the new season Spring 2023 include Morning Yoga and Morning Fitness, the morning block Nadya Daily, Wness TV Focus – a short emission with the current topics of the day, the series Sport for Pregnancy, the rubric Food Hour, The Path of Yoga with Sana, the show for personal growth and professional motivation Beyond The Limitations, Evening Show for Meeting and Dating, Matinee – the show for culture and urban life, as well as the lifestyle show about life, happiness and health In The Footsteps of Beauty with Geri Doncheva.

Wness TV has been part of the bTV Media Group portfolio since 1st April 2022. GARB data for the period January-March 2022 shows that the channel’s audience was comprised of 96% women, of which predominantly urban profile (94%) and with monthly income of over 900 BGN (76%).




  1. Highlights:
  2. Morning Yoga
  3. Morning Fitness  
  4. Nadya Daily
  5. Sport for Pregnancy
  6. Food Hour
  7. Wness TV Focus
  8. The Path of Yoga with Sana
  9. Beyond Limitations
  10. Evening Show for Meeting and Dating
  11. Matinee
  12. In The Footsteps of Beauty with Geri Doncheva

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