WHO KNEW? is a daily comedy quiz show for bTV's primetime. It is a mixture of entertainment and informative content, the answers to the questions and the competition between the participating teams are full of dynamics and tension that will keep viewers glued to the screen.

“Who Knew?” is a format of British multinational television production and distribution company Fremantle that provides fresh knowledge to the audience and to the participants every day. The game will surprise viewers with its unconventional approach in presenting information that people never think about but will never forget from now on.

From January 1, every weekday evening at 8 pm, host Alexander Kadiev will ask curious questions to the two teams in the TV quiz, led by actors Militsa Gladnishka and Hristo Pudev. In each episode, the two captains will find a solid support in the face of a popular personality with whom they will fight to the end to win the game.

The audience in the studio will also take part in the competition, as it will have to decide in advance which team they will support and will sit behind their team of choice. The two teams will answer questions, and the right answers will bring them winnings. The answers to each question are illustrated through a short explanatory video or a visualization in the studio. In the end of the game, the two teams must bet the money they won so far, and the victory goes to the team that has won the highest amount of money. However, the monetary award goes to the audience that supported the winning team.

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