bTV's landmark documentary series “The Unfamiliar” is back for a new season this fall. Its creator – renowned journalist Georgi Toshev, has prepared 14 new untold and unfamiliar stories divided into three topics: “Endless Trips”, “Hidden Wounds”, and “New-Age Bulgarians”. Viewers will once again find out unfamiliar facts from the lives of famous people, popular artists, and individuals who have left a trace in history.

In the new episodes of “The Unfamiliar”, Toshev will introduce us to Astrid Lindgren's daughter and the actress who played Pippi in the Swedish movie of the same name; he will tell us more about the dramatic fate of a child in Bangladesh’s biggest refugee camp, and will share many touching stories from “the small big world”. Viewers will also visit the set of the film “Traveling Song”, which tells the story of a Bulgarian folk song around the world, and will find out curious facts about tango straight from one of the oldest clubs in Buenos Aires. The documentaries target television viewers who are curious to find out more beyond the traditional facts, leaving an open door for viewers to enter and discover something new about themselves.



Source: GARB, Fall season 2022, consolidated data, target 18-49 y.o.

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