This fall, the talk show “Life Based on a True Story” will once again open the door into the private world of VIPs and reveal the extraordinary human stories of ordinary people. Every Saturday at 17:00 sharp, viewers will meet host Aleksandra Sarchadzhieva and her partner on the screen – charismatic Ivo Arakov, host of the “Top 10” section of the show.

The goal of the programme is to inspire viewers looking for a solution to their problems through the personal stories and lessons of the guests, who have experienced traumatizing situations in their lives. Apart from spiritual transformations, “Life Based on a True Story” also makes physical ones – in the segment “My New Self”, a renowned plastic surgeon changes the fates of people who feel uncomfortable with their looks.


Source: GARB, Fall season 2022, consolidated data, target 18-49 y.o.

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