The ladies’ favourite page in bTV’s portfolio offers exclusive video content to its female users as part of Ladyzone TV. Viewers will be able to watch three exceptional series on the Ladyzone’s internet television:

  • The “Small Talks” podcast, dedicated to the personal stories of interesting and popular public individuals, their emotions, life stories, lessons, funny experiences, difficult and happy moments.
  • “In the Bag of...” introduces us to the vast world of Bulgaria's prominent ladies, who reveal the contents of their bags, offering a sneak peek into the important things they cannot live without, how they deal with their hectic daily lives, how they relax, and what makes them happy.
  • “Your 5 on Instagram” is the only video segment in Bulgaria's internet space that introduces the stories behind some of the favourite photos of popular public figures published on their Instagram profiles.

Viewers can “invite” their favourite celebrities in all three series by sending a message to the editorial office.

The platform is also the home of interesting videos from bTV's air and the bWEB pages in the field of lifestyle, health, family, love relationships, interesting personalities, culture, etc.

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