The hit Bulgarian comedy series “Sunny Beach” is back with brand-new episodes on the air of bTV this spring. Known for its fresh and light humour, the show captivates the audience with its authenticity, dynamics, and modern taste, combined with the brilliant acting of Boyko Krastanov, Ivo Arakov, Evelyn Kostova, Lydia Indzhova, Yavor Baharov, Boryana Bratoeva, Stoyan Radev, Nikolay Ishkov, etc.

The third season will not be a simple continuation of the story filled with funny situations, but will also flesh out the previous plots, “because nobody knows what to expect when the Sunny Beach band finds itself in a new hotel.” The favourite characters, brought to life brilliantly by some of Bulgaria's favourite actors, will embark on unexpected paths in their personal and professional lives. This path will be filled with serious and funny moments, complicated situations, and an abundance of genuine humour. In their actions, some of the characters will be led by their hearts, while others will trust their minds, but all will ultimately look for the answer to one question – does the end truly justify the means? The supporting characters will not remain indifferent to all these changes and will form growing and important relationships with the protagonists.

What does the future hold for the five protagonists? How will events unfold and will it all work out, as the character of Mladen always says with a smile? bTV viewers will find out in the unique and different continuation of the “Sunny Beach” series!

“Sunny Beach” will air every Friday night on the air of bTV and will also be available on bTV Media Group's online platforms.


Source: GARB, consolidated data, TG A18-49, Spring 2022

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