Crime thriller ALPHA is the latest series on bTV's air. ALPHA will attract TV viewers with its exceptional cast, great acting, and dynamic and intense plot. The series is produced and directed by Dimitar Kotsev - Shosho, one of the most successful and sought-after modern names in the industry, and the cast includes some of Bulgaria's most established and popular actors and TV personalities, playing in brilliant partnership with young and talented professional actors with great potential.

Exceptional artist Stefan Valdobrev plays one of the leading roles in the series. Popular TV personality Maria Sylvester will surprise viewers in a new and unexpected role as Zhana, while actor Petar Andonov is returning with a bang from his long-term professional experience in Italy to play the role of Leo. The younger cast members, including Valentina Karoleva (Raya), Spartak Apostolov (Kris), Georgi Bogdanov (Philip), and Violina Dotseva (Mina) will also win the viewers’ sympathies with their well-developed characters, ingenuous acting, undisputed talent, and thorough immersion in ALPHA’s storyline.

bTV’s new Bulgarian series has the potential to become a sensation of the TV season this spring and will be aired in the television's primetime.

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